Senate Education Committee Agenda for 5.22.13

I have posted the Senate Education Committee Agenda for 5.22.13.

Ken Friedlander

Senate Education Committee Meeting 5.22.13
Education. 1:00 p.m. in John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room. Agenda includes:
HB115 Provides for parent petitions relative to the transfer of certain schools from the Recovery School District back to the local school system.
HB160 Delays implementation of certain teacher evaluation program requirements and requires legislative approval of the value-added teacher assessment model prior to implementation of the requirements.
HB242 Authorizes the state superintendent of education to make certain adjustments to the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program accountability system.
HB343 Prohibits certain public high school students from being administered tests pursuant to La. Education Assessment Program or the La. School and District Accountability System with certain exceptions.
HB368 Provides relative to school crisis management and response plans and school resource officers.
HB466 Provides relative to the assignment of performance-based letter grades to public schools and school districts.
HB618 Provides relative to salary supplements for public school educational diagnosticians.
HB650 Provides relative to the organization of the state Department of Education.
HCR30 Requests that the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education study the feasibility and advisability of pursuing a residential charter school model in La..
HCR128 Requests that the State Bd. of Elementary and Secondary Education study issues related to allowing students to carry a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device at school.
SCR68 Requests BESE and the Department of Education to withdraw from the Common Core State Standards Initiative and cease all activities related to implementation of such standards..
SR106 Urges and requests the Department of Education and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to expand and enhance oral health care education in Louisiana public schools..

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