Teacher evaluation delay passes Louisiana House

LAP Members:
An article in today’s The Advocate, “Teacher evaluation delay passes Louisiana House,” may be of interest.
Just a reminder of what is happening today in the Legislature:
Tuesday at the Legislature
House convenes at 2:00 p.m.
Education. 9:00 a.m. in Committee Room 1.                                   Agenda includes:
HB248 Relative to the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence (voucher) Program, requires that scholarship recipients annually meet certain criteria for program participation.
HB541 Provides relative to a students access to an effective teacher.
HB643 Provides with respect to the payment of UAL and other retirement obligations from MFP to determine state-funded per pupil allocation for charter schools, course providers, and scholarship schools.
HB661 Provides relative to charter schools.
HB666 Requires certain payments from minimum foundation program formula funds to the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana.
HB673 Provides relative to facilities maintenance and repair at public postsecondary education institutions.
Ken Friedlander

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