LAP Blog--- March 17 ,2014

June 2nd is fast approaching and there has been a flurry of bills in both House Education and Senate Education that may affect school based administrators and the education community.  Specific bills that you may want to look into and call your legislators are:

SB 179 & SB191--- Supporting these bills will help provide funding of online and duual enrollment courses to local school districts and allow for local authority over online coursework, dual enrollment and allows for dual enrololment ourse to carry the same weights in the school and district accountability formulas.  These bills are coming up in House education committee and you can contact Representative Stephen F. Carter ( Chair of House Ed.)

SB 636-- Provides relative to the organization and management of large school systems.  Because this bill would significantly change the role of the principal and add to the burden that they already carry , we are opposing this bill.

HB 993 & HB 1015- by Representative Schroder both deal with changing Special Education graduation requirements and will adjust the accountability formula.  These bills have been supported by LAP, LSBA, LASS, LAE and LFT and have passed out of House Education Committee and are moving through the process.

Also,  the MFP formula was sent back to BESE this week and will be making its way back through the legislative process. The next few weeks will be very busy with the end of the session scheduled for June 2nd.  Pleaswe do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding upcoming legislation. 

The last 2 meetings of the accountability commission have been cancelled and hopefully the meeting that is scheduled for June 6th will take place and we can provide you with updated information on new guidelines.

Finally, we are very excited about our Fall Conference which will feature Jill Jackson and her new book  "Get a Backbone, Prncipal!"  Please check out the website for details on the conference and mark your calendars for Sept 15-16th at L'Auberge in Baton Rouge.

Thanks for all that you do!

Debra Schum
LAP Executive Director
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