Governor Signs National Principal Month Proclamation--- 10/30/14

National Principals' Month Proclamation

At a time when education leaders are dealing with some of the most difficult issues seen in decades we are thankful for the jobs that education leaders across this state are taking on!  Principals provide the mobilizing force behind any school reform effort and we hope that National Principals month provides an opportunity for communities to recognize and honor the contribution of all school principals and assistant principals at all grade levels to the success of students in Louisiana.

We celebrated our Principals of the Year at the Principals conference in September and are looking forward to honoring our Assistant Principals of the Year on November 6th at our Annual Assistant Principals Conference in Baton Rouge( Still have time to register -- information on website!).

The ACT 240 (Teacher Evaluation Committee) Subcommittee of the Accountability Commission was set to meet on Monday November 3rd, but was rescheduled by the LDOE to November 17th.  I have been receiving numerous letters detailing problems with COMPASS, VAM and SLT’s , mostly from teachers and am hoping that principals will send information to the committee members as well.  I will be posting on the blog the updates and any recommendations that are made after we have the November 17th meeting.  Based on our research and the letters I have been getting we have a lot of work to do to improve the evaluation process!   I have also heard that the LDOE is going to propose a specific tie of scores to Principals Evaluations also.  I will be providing more information on this once we have the meeting. 

LAP is excited to announce that we have partnered with NASSP and CEL ( Center for Educational Leadership) to offer a national institute on Teacher  Evaluation ( Feedback and Growth)  on January 8th and 9th at the Claiborne Building in Baton Rouge ( See website for registration information and details).  The institute is limited to 150 participants—so register early to guarantee a seat!

Thanks for all that you do and I will keep you updated on any progress of the Evaluation and Accountability Commission!


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