February 10th ACT 240 Recommendations to BESE

Hi all,

I wanted to provide you with a copy of the final recommendations that will go to BESE on March 5th and 6th and to provide details about each recommendation.  The meeting took about 5 hours—and I do think we made major progress--- it is not our exact recommendations but some are very close to the 6 recommendations that I proposed at the last ACT 240 Subcommittee meeting. The LDOE brought 4 recommendations and they were edited along with 2 that we added for a total of 6 recommendations. See the attachment for the complete wording of the final 6 that will be recommended at the March BESE meeting.

Recommendation 1---

  • Support for Leaders—sets up the Statewide Principal Fellowship Program and support for the TAP program

Recommendation 2

  • School Leaders goal was changed from growth on the SPS only to:
    • One learning target based on overall school performance improvement in the current school year, as measured by SPS
    • AND One learning target based on a component of School performance improvement

This results in the SPS measure counting no more than 25% and them having to calculate it based on current school year data.  Also, if a district chooses to use more than two learning targets, the SPS measure would be less than 25%. 

The other 50 % would come from the COMPASS leader’s rubric.

Recommendation 3---

  • An ineffective score on either half of the evaluation will no longer override other measures or the principal’s judgment.  (The assessment score and the COMPASS score will be added and divided by 2 for the final score)
  • Adds in the + or – 1 for VAM based on SLT’s, however this will be a moot point if recommendation 5 passes, since recommendation 5 defers VAM for one more year while it is studied by the ACT 240 committee.


Recommendation 4

  • The Department in Partnership with LAP will convene a workgroup of principals and teachers to consider :
    • Alternate rubric process and rubric tools
    • Best practices  and strategies for efficient , effective observations as well as setting SLT’s

Recommendation 5

  • Continues for 1 year the deferment of VAM within the teacher evaluation system

Recommendation 6

  • Gives the principal the option of completing only the formal observation, if the teacher scores effective proficient or highly effective on the formal observation.

The big question is whether BESE will pass all or edit the recommendations made.  I will be at the BESE meeting on March 5th and 6th and if you are able to email BESE members and ask them to support the ACT 240 committee recommendations that will help us get these passed.


Let me know if you have any questions!


Debbie Schum

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