April BESE Meeting and Legislative Session

 At the April 15th BESE meeting the BESE Board approved a Standards review committee.   LAP is allowed to nominate 4 principals and a minimum of 1 will be selected to serve on the committee.  In other action, Superintendent White discussed 3 documents that are coming out --- The HS Planning Guide, The Early Childhood Guidebook and the Principals Guidebook.  We have some questions about the Principals Guidebook and we have scheduled a meeting next week to discuss our concerns.  Please email me or call me if you have any questions in particular about the Principals Guidebook.                                      

On legislative issues, we are opposed to SB 54 in its current form which does away with suspensions and expulsions in grades K-3.  We will keep you updated on this bill as it moves through the process.  We are also concerned about Senate Bill 85 and Senate Bill 177 both by Senator Adley as it would mean almost $180,438,142 in lost revenue to local school boards.  We are concerned that this will mean drastic cuts to school budgets and it is already difficult to provide curriculum materials, resources and staffing with the limited amount of funds that we currently receive. Also,

  • Exempting inventory from the local property taxes that were imposed by the local voters for the benefit of their public schools will hurt public school students at a time when we are all striving to meet higher academic standards.
  •  Exempting an entire class of property from local property taxes will:

o   Reduce local property tax revenues used to provide public education;

o   Increase property tax millage rates on residential property and business property tax payers to support existing bonded indebtedness;  and,

o   Potentially, cause unknown fluctuations in the state funding formula for public schools in the MFP.

  If the State can no longer afford to give certain select businesses or industries the special tax treatment those businesses or industries have enjoyed over the past decade, then the State should make that decision for itself and not simply pass that financial problem down to local school systems, putting the education of public school children at risk.

As always, we value your input and encourage you to email us and your legislators on key issues!


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