June 22, 2015 Summer Update

Happy summer! Now that testing is over, I    hope everyone takes some time to relax and enjoy your families and that you get a few minutes to rest!  This upcoming year will bring some significant changes in student assessment, and evaluation of both teachers and principals.  A new guidebook has been issued by the LDOE that describes many processes that principals may choose to use.  LAP has been working with the LDOE to make sure the information is relevant and will be a resource to principals.  We will have a session at the LAP Annual Principals conference in Baton Rouge on September 14th and 15th that will share updates on the guidebook as well as other guidebooks that the LDOE is publishing this year. 

We are also very excited to announce that Marcia Tate will be our Keynote speaker for LAP’s Annual conference  September 14th and 15th at L’ Auberge Casino in Baton Rouge.  She will focus on strategies to engage learners and share information on what site based administrators and teacher leaders should see when standards are being effectively implemented.  Remember to register prior to August 14th to get the discounted rate and to guarantee room reservations. 

The Accountability Commission will met Friday June 19th to begin a series of meetings that will address the new guidelines for assessment. As a member of the committee, I welcome any information that you would like addressed during these meetings and encourage you to email me at  to share or ask questions.  In addition to these meetings, ACT 70 of the 2015 Legislative session by Representative Frank Hoffman,  re- establishes the committee on Evaluations .  There are so many issues and questions surrounding teachers and principals required growth targets that make this committee critical in sharing information regarding teachers and principals evaluations.   Also, Dedra Bailey (LAP President) will serve on the Steering Committee for the new Standards Review Committee.  LAP is working hard to make sure your voice is heard!

BESE Update  -- June Meeting

  • Special Education Funding resolution deferred based on request by Superintendent John White--- a resolution that was passed by the legislature to “let the money follow the child”, may have affected charter school funding and the resolution was to correct the funding for this fiscal year.  Superintendent White said that since the bill wasn’t signed into law and that there might be a constitutional issue and asked the BESE board to defer. Superintendent White said that a legal opinion would be produced.

Other items that were addressed during the 2015 Legislative Session:

  • Act 54 by Senator Broome was initially written to prohibit the suspension or expulsion of students in grades K-3, but was finally amended to prohibit suspension or expulsion of students in grades K-5 for uniform violations ( only) unless they are tied to willful disobedience.
  • Common Core Compromise bills passed both houses and are awaiting the Governor’s Signature. ( HB 373 , HB 542 and SB 42)
  • A resolution by Representative John Bel Edwards increased the funding or public education by $36 million and asks BESE to include it in the MFP—this would increase the base student allocation funding from $3961 to $4051 and would ensure that raises granted to classroom teachers last year would be continued this year.
  • 1.5 % COLA increase for retirees was approved by lawmakers but may be subject to Governor Jindal’s veto

With the new evaluation tool for Principals going into effect this year, being a member of a professional organization is more important than ever! Please encourage all site based administrators to join LAP as we move in to the “Principal Empowerment” phase of education reform!  Numbers do make a difference and give your voice more power.   Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions or if we can provide assistance in any way!

We appreciate all that you do!


Debbie Schum


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