2017 is Here!

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Happy New Year!  We are off to a running start in 2017 with several key issues that are of critical importance to Principals:

February 8th Accountability Commission Meeting ( LDOE—Thomas Jefferson Meeting Room at Noon)

The Accountability Commission has met several times over the last few months to attempt to determine the new formula for accountability that includes a Growth factor ( Based on ESSA guidelines).  The meeting on Feb 8th will discuss final recommendations for K-8 Growth Component and will also discuss the use of a growth component in High School Accountability.  The new formula will no longer have “bonus” points and instead will have a growth component that will be a part of the formula.  Models being considered will change Assessment in K-8 to 65% of the score and the Growth factor as 25%, DCAI as 5% and a leading indicator as 5%.  The LDOE is bringing a variety of models to this meeting that will show the growth factor as anywhere from 10% to 50 %.  The commission will be asked to make a recommendation at this meeting that will be brought to the March BESE meeting.  We will also discuss the growth component for High Schools and how it will be included in the SPS.  We encourage principals to attend this meeting, if possible, as this may be the last meeting with discussion regarding what the new formula will look like. If you have comments or questions you would like answered please feel free to email me prior to the meeting with any concerns!

Governors Advisory Council on ESSA

The Governor’s Advisory Council on ESSA has made several recommendations that are being provided to Governor John Bel Edwards in an initial draft. (The draft recommendations can be found on the LAP website ( The Council has asked to have a joint meeting with the Accountability Commission so that we can discuss recommendations and incorporate them into the state plan if appropriate.  The Advisory Council will meet on Feb. 23rd to discuss final recommendations.  Please feel free to review the initial recommendations and email me at if you have any suggestions or comments, prior to the meeting.

2017 Legislative Session

The MFP has become a concern for both this fiscal year and next year’s budget.  Representative Lance Harris from Alexandria is proposing a cut to the MFP for this fiscal year due to the midyear budget shortfall.  A special session is being planned this month to address the midyear budget crisis.  We are asking everyone to contact their legislators and ask them to use the “Rainy Day Fund” during this special session to avert any cuts to the MFP. Funding will continue to be an issue during the 2017 Regular Session and we plan to continue to advocate for full funding of the MFP for the next fiscal year. On February 1, 2017 Governor Edwards convened a meeting of education stakeholders to hear our concerns regarding funding and ESSA implementation.  We are fortunate that we have a Governor who is willing to hear our point of view and to listen to the concerns of site based administrators--- but we have many legislators that need to hear us too! Please call your legislators and let them know how critical MFP funding is to our students, schools and communities (and ask them to commit to using the Rainy Day Fund to save cutting the MFP)! Our legislative committee will meet on March 7th to discuss any proposed bills that may affect site based administrators and public school education.  Please let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions for the upcoming session.

We are at a critical time in the education field!  We have constantly changing rules and a diminishing workforce—it is more important than ever to have the Principal’s voice heard on key education issues. Please encourage your co-workers to become members of LAP---   the more members we have the more our voice is heard!  We are the only organization that is affiliated with the national principal’s organizations (NAESP and NASSP) and we advocate for principals/site based administrators at the national level also!

Thanks for all that you do!


Debbie Schum


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