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    Stacie Reed, Louisiana's 2018 Assistant Principal of the Year

    Stacie Reed, assistant principal at J.I. Watson Elementary School in Iowa in Calcasieu Parish has been selected as the 2018 Louisiana Assistant Principal of the Year.  Mrs. Reed was recognized as the 2018 Assistant Principal of the Year on November 5 at the Assistant Principal of the Year luncheon held in conjunction with the Assistant Principals Conference. 

    Mrs. Reed began her career in 1991 teaching  1st  grade at Brentwood Elementary in Calcasieu Parish.  She also taught at St. John Elementary before transferring to J. I. Watson Elementary. She served as a TAP master teacher before becoming the assistant principal. Stacie works to promote and support collaboration among grade level staff members, as well as to enable vertical teaming to take place.  She designs a yearly master schedule that provides common planning times for all staff.  She believes that this time is sacred and is a non-negotiable variable in allowing staff to consistently evaluate RTI tier placement of students and to assure that students receive optimum remediation efforts.  She constantly works to enable her school family to be the best that they can be.

    One of Mrs. Reed’s most significant accomplishments has been leading the Family Involvement Team.  At the core of her leadership style is a strong belief in the power of family involvement and her focus has been to reach out to parent/grandparent stakeholders in an effort to help them to become better equipped to support their student academically and behaviorally.  Content lessons have been offered during the day to accomplish this goal. Several of their programs – Math for Moms and Watson Wonderland -- were featured in Promising Partnership Practices, a national publication. These activities as well as others provide families the opportunity to be a part of their child’s overall school experience.  J. I Watson has seen a continuing trend toward increased family participation as a result of school day events designed to target specific groups.

    A teacher at her school states “Mrs. Reed always puts J.I. Watson’s needs before her own.  She is constantly working to create positive changes at our school by considering what the staff and community believes would create a better learning and loving environment for our students.”

    Her principal states “The love Mrs. Reed has for students is exhibited in everything she does. She works with student’s daily with the concern as if they were her own; frankly, she considers each of them her own!  She also demonstrates an understanding of the students’ background and family life.  Her love for her students is shown as she uses every opportunity she can to bring praise on all of her students.”

    Stacie Reed received a check from Edgear LLC in the amount of $500.  Thank you, Edgear, for your continued support of our principals and assistant principals across the state.

    Congratulations Stacie Reed on being selected as the 2018 Louisiana Assistant Principal of the Year!